Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Green Door

This is the door that haunted me two nights ago. The Queen and I rushed on over to the hospital thinking it was time for us to meet our prince.

We got nervous and we panicked. Everything seemed like a blur, before we knew it she was wearing a hospital gown and I was lying on the unbelievably uncomfy couch in front of the delivery room.

I waited anxiously for word on my wife's condition. An hour passed - nothing. Two hours passed - nothing. My back was beginning to hurt and that says a lot considering I'm only in my twenties (either that or I'm not as healthy as I think I am)

Then, after two and a half hours of not knowing anything, the door opened. Time stopped.

"Did she give birth?" I asked

"No" the nurse answered

"Oh, where is she then?"

"Getting dressed, you can go home now"

It was hard to hear those words. I wanted to go home, but I wanted to go home with a family.


mich said...

The waiting game begins. You should get more zzz's, it will be total chaos once the 'lil one comes.

Frances said...

CONGRATULATIONS on your beautiful baby boy!

The King said...

Thank you! The anxiety was worth it. =)

Thomas said...

CONGRATULATIONS on your beautiful baby boy!

Anonymous said...

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