Wednesday, April 14, 2010

For Sale: 2006 Kia Picanto (P250,000)

We're selling our royal chariot!

  • 2006 KIA Picanto LX (M/T 1.1L)
  • P250,000 (fixed)
  • less than 30,000 kms
  • 10km/l gas consumption (with supporting documents)
  • Power steering only
  • Manual door locks and windows
  • Full maintenance records from Rapide (every 5,000kms)
  • Valid Comprehensive Insurance (until October 2010)
  • Valid LTO Registration (until September 2010)
  • Private reseller, no trade-ins
It's a 2006 Kia Picanto that has run less than 30,000kms. Everything's working great since we're very meticulous at maintaining it - we take it to Rapide every 5,000 kilometers (with full maintenance records). Selling price is P250,000

It averages 10kms per liter of gas in real life and we have the numbers to prove it. Many dealers give inflated numbers like with the Honda Jazz that's claimed to run at 30 km/l but in reality can only do 18 km/l. When I bought the Picanto I was told it could do 24km/l. Yeah right.

Believe it or not we've listed all gasoline refills since we got the car in 2006 and we've used only the best type of fuel (V-Power, Gold, and Blaze) around 80% of the time. Again, we have the list to prove it.

Body is fresh: no deformities, never figured in an accident or even in a fender bender. There's a thin scratch near the back and a few on the front bumper because of  neighborhood kids. No rattling or knocking from the engine or from the underchassis, guaranteed.

Comprehensive insurance and LTO registration are valid until October and September 2010, respectively.

Questions? Please post them in the comments section or on the chat board to the right. =)


Tuesday, March 9, 2010


It's been three months since my last post and a lot has happened since then. Paolo turns 5 months today and we have recently moved to a new Kingdom, our Kingdom.

For the first time the Queen and I feel that that we are truly standing up on our own. We bought our first pieces of furniture, picked house decorations, and decided on other plans for our humble abode. Hopefully, the things we bought are pamana-worthy for our kid/s.

It's a weird feeling - managing a small economy. We dictate how things will go and when they'll go. It's scary because we still don't know our limits. It's fun because we get to push ourselves to the limit. Only time will tell if we took the right turns at the right times.

For now, we're really enjoying it. Things are going very well and we can't wait for the next big thing that we need to deliberate on.

And by deliberate I mean the unnecessary formality of me telling the Queen my opinion so she could overrule it.

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Monday, November 23, 2009

The Sleeping Prince

It's true that there are things in this world that words just cannot describe and the photo above is the best example I could think of.

Paolo has recently taken a liking to sleeping on my chest. It's a very tender moment for us as father and son and I'm cherishing every second of it. In a month or two he'll be too heavy and too big for this so I hope to be his King-size bed for as long as possible.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Blog Queen

The Queen finally has her own blog! Visit The Blog Queen ( to read her side of the story.

And to find out why I'm Robin to her Batman.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Win one of ten Ayala Malls Electronic Gift Checks!

Dear subjects readers,

I come bearing good news! You have a chance to win one of ten (10) Ayala Malls Electronic Gift Checks worth P1,000 each.

To join simply create your own OVI Mail account at and email your best tech/gadget/game experience to

Don't forget to put your Name, Address, OVI Mail Address, and Mobile Phone Number.

This promo will end on November 20 so hurry and send your entry now!

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Get that 36-inch waist today!

If you're like me and you hate looking down on your belly and seeing nothing but washboard abs, then I've got a treat for you! With my exclusive program, I guarantee that you'll transform from fabulous to flabulous in a few weeks' time! Hehe, kidding.

I've never had great abs let alone a flat stomach. Which is why when I found out I have a 36-incher, I was shocked for about a week and eventually just took it as it is.

When I was in Grade 5, I was one of the fat kids - I weighed 90 pounds and had a 28-inch waist. When puberty kicked in however, everything disappeared. Gradually I lost weight and the process peaked during college - 30 inches, 135 pounds. Sexy.

From then on however it was a losing battle. Frequent gym visits, physical activity, and diets no longer seem to work and I took it as mother nature giving me a sign. Discouraged, I decided to help her out in her quest to make me bigger. Just last year I was 32 and 150, now I'm 36 and 167.

Want in on this? Here's what I've been doing to get myself in flip flop shape:
  • Slept more
Earlier this year, the wife and I lived right beside the office. We slept at 12 and woke up at 8 with enough time to make breakfast and watch an episode of Friends.
  • Learned how to cook
The wife was pregnant and immobile. We had to eat, so I learned how to. Nowadays when there's nothing to eat I could effortlessly whip up a simple feast.
  • Drive to work
Love the train but I hate everything else. Unfortunately where we live now, there's only everything else.
  • Got married
No need to impress the lady-types. I have the only pretty lady I'll ever need.
  • Rarely lifted weights
I hate lifting weights because they're so heavy. Any lighter and they're ineffective.
  • Had a son
Instead of ballin' with the boys I just go straight home to see my son. I'll just challenge him when he's older.
  • Got a nanny
...who does most of the support work for the wife.
  • Shifted to a new career path
The web is just as hectic but it mostly involves sitting in front of the computer. No outdoor shoots whatsoever. There are presscons, but half of what we do there is eat.

So what are you waiting for? Call now! I'll throw in a free donut for the first ten callers.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Take two trains and call me in the morning

You probably know what it feels like to ride a train: it's cramped, hot, and there's never a good time to ride especially during weekdays.

Growing up, I was never obsessed with trains. I didn't play with toy trains, nor did I ever recall asking my parents to buy me a set. I've always been more into cars.

Nowadays however, I love trains. And not because they're the stuff of childhood fantasy, but because I consider them as the cure to many of life's little ailments - mine at least.

As a longtime city driver I've become sick of anything with four wheels. My car is the root of many frustrations. From losing my cool because of discourteous drivers to freaking out because of an overheated engine, I have become well aware of the many cons of driving. It's a losing battle, and I know I could do without it.

I admit, I only take the train whenever it's convenient, but I try to take it as often as possible. The following are my top reasons for preferring the train over any other mode of transportation.
  • It's better for the environment 
A no-brainer. The MRT carries a lot of passengers in one go making it more efficient than buses or jeepneys. It's also powered by electricity so there's significantly less toxic emissions.
  • Good for health
It may not be much of an exercise, let alone an ideal one because of all the pollution, but climbing up stairs gets the old heart working. A great pre-work warm up if I may say so myself.
  • No maintenance and gasoline costs
The MRT fare tops out at P15 and you can never, ever beat or match that price with a car.
  • Flood and traffic jam-proof
Anyone who says that the MRT is too cramped for comfort has not tried driving to work every day. Muscling it out with other passengers is nothing compared to being stuck in traffic. So you bump into people, big deal. At least that bump won't cost you thousands of pesos in repairs.
  • No need for parking
Tell me to drive to Baclaran, I'm 100% sure I'll say no. Tell me to take the LRT and I'll say yes in a heartbeat. I love going to Carriedo to check out the latest bargain electronics. If I drive there, I'll probably be too worried about finding a parking spot to be able to enjoy the visit.

  • You learn more about the city
When we lived in Singapore the train allowed us to discover and frequent quaint places that we otherwise would not have known about had we taken the bus or taxi. Same goes here with the MRT. I discovered this great factory outlet in a mall at the corner of Taft Avenue and EDSA. I was able to buy three pairs of brand new, branded pants for 600 bucks.
  • It's safer
I used the word safer because trains are not completely without it's share of mishaps and miscreants. Pickpockets are common and there have been bombing incidents in the past. Still, they happen less frequently compared to the others.

FUN FACT: Did you know that  a comprehensive plan for Metro Manila's train system has been laid out? Check out this photo and I bet you'll get excited at what the future has in store for commuters.

To know more about Metro Manila's train system, visit the following links.
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