Tuesday, March 9, 2010


It's been three months since my last post and a lot has happened since then. Paolo turns 5 months today and we have recently moved to a new Kingdom, our Kingdom.

For the first time the Queen and I feel that that we are truly standing up on our own. We bought our first pieces of furniture, picked house decorations, and decided on other plans for our humble abode. Hopefully, the things we bought are pamana-worthy for our kid/s.

It's a weird feeling - managing a small economy. We dictate how things will go and when they'll go. It's scary because we still don't know our limits. It's fun because we get to push ourselves to the limit. Only time will tell if we took the right turns at the right times.

For now, we're really enjoying it. Things are going very well and we can't wait for the next big thing that we need to deliberate on.

And by deliberate I mean the unnecessary formality of me telling the Queen my opinion so she could overrule it.

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GLAIZA said...

Yey! Finally you've made a new entry now. I've been visiting your blog since and I have been anticipating for your updates about your little prince and your Queen.

It's great to hear that you finally moved to your own kingdom. Hope to hear new stories next time :-)

The King said...

Hi Glaiza,

Thanks for dropping by. Will try to write more often from now on.

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