Friday, September 18, 2009

Bank of Dad

Bank of Dad: Where the ATM Never Goes Offline

It's an old joke reserved for fathers who dole out wads of cash to their kids and their wives. Yesterday I found myself on the receiving end. It felt nice. It felt weird.

I was about to leave the office for a press conference when all of a sudden the wife comes running after me. It's not like her to go sprinting (especially since she's 8+ months pregnant), but what she said really made my day.

"I don't have money for lunch, penge naman ng pera"

A couple of my officemates broke into laughter and I couldn't help chuckling along with them. The moment was so spontaneous and so real, the reality of being a father and a provider just dawned on me... I have a family.

I left the office with a light wallet and a big smile. October is going to be interesting...

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Again. Awwww. LOL

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